Toddler Sings the Most Adorable Version of Bohemian Rhapsody

Singing is always better when a toddler is the one doing so. On the internet, children with talent get viral as soon as the videos are uploaded.

One such cutie went viral after her video of singing Bohemian Rhapsody by the Queens went viral. Holly Lee is a Scottish 3 year old who loves singing. Her mom has always been supportive of her passion regardless of how young she is. Charlene McMahon says that her daughter practices all the lyrics of this tough song at least three or four times every day.

This mom really could not be any more proud. Holly has the best vocals for a three-year-old girl. She even knows all the lyrics by heart. Her adorable gestures while singing surely stole lots of hearts on the internet. Lee even knows how to bang her head to the rings of the guitar.

We must actually admit that if Freddie Mercury was alive to see her perform today, he would be the proudest of this little fan. Watch the full video below!

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