This was how comedy looked like a few decades ago. And it still makes people laugh till date

Comedy has come a long way. From Charlie Chaplin’s era to Kevin Hart, Hollywood has seen comedy in every form, from it’s worst to the best. But no matter what anyone says, Oldschool comedy has its special place in Hollywood and the hearts of comedy lovers.

The video we have here is one of the most iconic comedy teams in American, The Three Stooges. The trio was a vaudeville and comedy team. They were best known for their slapstick and physical farce comedy style. They were active and popular fro1920s’ to 1970s’. There was even a film that came out in 2012 called The Three Stooges, based on the film shorts of the trio.

The Three Stooges

The hilarious video shows three members sleeping under their car on an open road. A fly flies by and disturbs one of them. Despite the disturbance, nothing wakes them up. Their sleep is so intense that even when the water flows them away, they’re unflinching.

They float away as a truck comes and stops near them. And after a good honk, finally, one of them gets up and tells another guy to turn off the alarm. When he tries to shut off the alarm, he realizes that it’s a man standing next to him.

WATCH the hilarious video to know what happens after.

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