Rare video of Simon & Garfunkel Singing ‘The Sound Of Silence’ Live In 1966

Paul Simon and Arthur Garfunkel, these two names need no introduction if you live for good music. However, you might not know they recorded as Tom and Jerry during their early school years.

Like every other boy bands, they aimed for the stars. Their first single “Hey Schoolgirl” successfully landed on #49 on the charts. Hence, they recorded from the early ’60s to the ’70s. Their liberal values on the surroundings were visible in the songs.

In the piece “Sound of Silence,” they call out people for being unavailable emotionally to others. Music those days depicted society and its shenanigans in a natural yet beautiful way. Don’t you think so? Let us know your opinion and your favorite song from the duo.

Please introduce this exceptional live performance to an unknown. Cause everyone deserves a good melody.