17-Yr-Old Girl Fights Off a Bear to Save Her Mom’s Service Dog

Not every decision in our life comes from a calm and collected mind. Sometimes, we go with instinct and dodge the problem with super speed reflex. Much like Hailey Morinico, who wasn’t trying to come off brave by pushing a huge grizzle bear off a wall.

It was Memorial Day, and Hailey was in her parent’s home in Bradbury, California. The 17-year-old was going by her day when she heard one of the family’s service dogs loudly barking in the backyard. That’s when the teenager spotted a large bear taking swings at the pup. She was thinking clearly, but Hailey knew she had to save the pup soon.

So without a plan in hand, Hailey charged towards the furry wild animal and shoved the mama bear off the walls. The remaining canines from the house join Hailey in her mission as well, barking aloud. Fortunately, Hailey’s protective instincts save all the pets and bring them to safety. The footage was caught in the backyard CC camera, and it didn’t take long for the quick action to get viral.

In the clip, we can clearly see that both sides were only trying to protect their families. Thankfully, no one got injured. But it’s probably better to use some kind of noisemaker such as a bullhorn to scare the bear if you ever got into such a scary situation.

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