Senior Short on Money Starts Putting Things Away, and Young Cashier Immediately Steps in

It’s getting tough to deal with coronavirus, especially to the senior citizens of our country. Even going for grocery shopping has become life-threatening to the fragile elderly’s. Many stores have allocated time for older citizens to shop during early morning hours. They don’t have a proper source of income for adequate shopping.

Similar is the case for this senior; he went on a quick trip to the store to get his essentials. However, he realizes that he doesn’t have enough money. Although he gets his disability check, it’s not enough to meet your everyday needs. And he ends loading items worth $173 in his cart. The elderly ran short on $30, and the only option left now was to give up some of his things. Sadly, he missed the senior discount, and he didn’t know what to do. However, the 17 yr old cashier couldn’t see the grandpa remove any of his essentials. Then the teen does the most humbling thing. She says, ” It’s fine; I’ll take care of it.” Her kind words brought tears in my eyes. Despite the teenager’s hourly low income, she shows her humanity during the time of this global crisis.

The senior citizen was beyond grateful for her kind act. He says, “She’s just a little angel. You know, just the light of day.” To which the teen says she is happy to contribute to the community as she has people struggle a look during these dark days. She just is trying to give back when she can. People of the internet are in love with this young girl’s fantastic mindset. We need more teens like her in the world! Watch this video down below: 

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