Long-time swing dancing partners, Jason Calacino and Katie Boyle took the world to stand still when performing their routine set to the Rolling Stones’ “Honky Tonk Woman.” The two perfectly performed the song with a mix of fast-paced steps of East Coast Swing and the carefree fun of classic Honky Tonk. Honky Tonk Woman is an old-time hit song by the Rolling Stones, first released in 1969 in the United Kingdom and then in the United State. The song thematically refers to a girl who dances in the bar to entertainment.

This must-have sprouted from the first use of the word Honky Tonk to described a place where alcohol was served and live music played to entertain patrons who dance all through the night. In the contemporary time, Honky Tonk is used to describe the westerner bar with live music. John was only a teen when he began his career in line dancing. He later proceeded to perfect his skills in swing, salsa, Jazz, Argentine tango, ballet, and ballroom dancing. Although he was a master in these dance styles, he was most known for his West Coast-style of swing dancing.

Dancing for Kate is innate. She started dancing when she was only 2-years-old. As explained in her teaching biography, Kate had a penchant for the arts with a particular interest in dancing. She danced from a toddler through college. Jason and Katie were always bringing home first prize in national dance competitions as they manage to create unique and routines by incorporating numerous styles.

For Jason and Katie, choreographing is likely to be a piece of cake and not as tough as it seemed. Specifically, East Coast Swing is defined by Ballroom Dance Academy as “an energetic fast dance, done usually with triple steps and rock steps to Big Band or contemporary music that ‘swings.’”

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It is birthed from the Lindy Hop dances performed at the Savoy Ballroom in Harlem during the time of the Roaring 20s and 1930s. The fast-paced song like this is the perfect selection to display Jason and Katie’s skills. In this memorable video, Jason and Katie decided to test the skills and perform a routine set to the Rolling Stones’ “Honky Tonk Woman.” They moved fast-paced but seamlessly to the music. Jason swings and dips his partner, lifting her above his head a couple of time. As the performance climax and became more energetic, the audience cheered them with a loud shout, applaud, and a standing ovation.

They impressed the audience and won their favor. But what about the judges? They did impress them too and the judges awarded them the first price later. When it comes to dancing, everyone is not expected to be as skillful as Jason and Katie. Those are all-time professional dancers. However, an average person can move his or her body to the music or song rendition. So, whenever you feel ill at ease, use this video as a reminder to let loose up.

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