Family Warns Parents To Keep Button Batteries Away From Children After Scary Incident With Daughter

As a parent, you’re responsible for everything your children do. And it’s crucial to take care of them, especially when they’re infants. Infants are curious as well as clueless. So whatever they see, there is a high possibility that they’ll eat it. So, it’s dangerous to keep inedible things from an infant’s reach.

One of the many things that children find amusing is button batteries. The tiny cells are used in a lot of household products, including toys and cards. They’re small, therefore, perfect for infants to take off and play. And it’s also easy for them to swallow without knowing.

dangers of swallowing button battery

So, this video is a PSA to every parent with infants at home. There is a high possibility that your child might see a button battery and swallow it even by accident. It may seem like a tiny thing, but once it goes inside their body, it creates a lot of complications. And it’s not only harmful to children but also adults.

WATCH what happens if your child accidentally swallows a button battery.

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