Stranger Takes Off His Shirt To Give It To A Cold Homeless Man On A Subway -Caught On Camera

While others kept a distance from a shivering homeless man in the subway because of how he smelled, a kind-hearted young man sat in front of him and showed his compassion. The 23-year old paralegal named Joey Resto from New York City was traveling on the Downtown train when he saw the shirtless homeless man. After observing him for a while, Resto stood up from his seat and took his shirt off, leaving him in a white tank top. He then handed it to the homeless man. But his kindness did not stop there.

It looked like the homeless man was beaten with patches of missing hair on his head and had trouble putting the shirt on. Resto helped the man with the shirt, and when it looked like he was still cold, he gave him his hat also. He said in an interview that, “It was the least I could do. I didn’t know what was going to be his reaction. He looked like he had a mental disability. He couldn’t physically put it on. I had to put it on him like a child”. Resto asked the homeless man to join him for a meal and called 311. As they wait, the man fell asleep.

Source: Youtube

One of the passengers of the subway took the video and uploaded it online which quickly became viral. When Resto did the kind act, he didn’t know that his actions will become an inspiration to others. Resto’s girlfriend knew that he is a good man and wasn’t surprised that he did it for the homeless man.

Resto was also recognized for this during the State of the State address of Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo at the Empire State Plaza convention center. Watch the video here:

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