Strongman Lifts Car Out of the Way to Clear Bike Path – Hilarious

We’re used to seeing impressive feats on the internet, but here’s one that’s also hilarious and makes us feel good, too.

The video starts a little late so we’re left to guess exactly what happened before filming starts, but it appears a man was riding his bicycle when he came upon a car (rudely) parked across the bike lane. When the video starts, with all the jiggling, it’s clear the photographer is jumping out of her car to film something interesting.

Next we see an unidentified man grab the bumper of the offending small car and–literally–lift the car off the ground to move it off the path! It’s amazing!

It takes the man a few tries to get the vehicle fully off the bike path, but he eventually succeeds to the cheering of those around. In the end, we see the strongman calmly riding away on his bicycle–hilarious!

Hopefully, the car owner noticed his car was moved and thought twice about the next time he parked! Watch the full video below and let us know what you think of the man’s strength and courteousness.

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