Stray Dog Keeps Visiting Car Dealership—so They Give Him Job and a Badge

Did you that there tons of jobs for a dog? For instance, in times of war, search and rescue, therapy, detection, and many more.

Now it’s time to add a new one, an employee in a Hyundai showroom. Oh, you heard me right, in Brazil, a dog kept wandering in this car shop. So, the man in charge decides to give him a batch and a placement. Funny, I visit every fashion show, and no one makes me a model. Possibly, because I lack the talent, but that’s not the point.

Every day the stray animal kept visiting the store. Then, they decided to give him a bath and his new position. He also has an adorable office and an Instagram account with 100,000 followers. I mean, he is just living his life.

He is so cute that he will rank his way up in like days. Everyone needs a home and someone who cares. Don’t you think so? Jot down your thoughts on this story.

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