Crazy Biker Kicks a Stranger’s Car for Fun Then Immediately Regrets His Decision

There are so many conflicts that happen on the road while driving and mostly occur due to cars or motorists wanting the right of way or some of them don’t follow the basic traffic rules. When emotions get in the way of people’s driving, sometimes they get frustrated and annoyed by their fellow drivers that they tend to blow the horn at them which leads to confrontations. While others react more negatively as the lash out, harm or even damage other people’s properties. These bad behaviors occasionally worsen the situation for it may cause road accidents that also might endanger innocent motorists.

But in this unfortunate incident caught on a car’s dashcam, the biker that lashed out on a speeding car was also the one who came to regret his impulsive actions. It happened only last August, on Ocean Beach, California. The owner of the video recounts the incident as they were said to be driving in San Diego, when a particular car was seen speeding right past them, overtaking their car. After a few minutes, a motorcycle passed them as they came near the now stopped car. The biker kicks the car’s side mirror that makes him crash himself into the curb.

The witness said he saw the car’s broken mirror as it passed him to chase the biker. He tried following them to see what happens next but eventually, both the car and the biker pulled into a parking lot for a moment then rushed off. Surely the biker was full of regret and embarrassment for the result of his bad actions– that may have caused a bigger accident. Though he appears to have crashed, he seemed to be far from serious harm and was able to stand up immediately after. So the next time he attempts to lash out like that, he’ll definitely think twice.

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