Dog Spots Squirrel Outside – Hilariously Shows Frustration When He Can’t Chase It

Dogs are pretty simple creatures. They love you if you love them, and they will look after you if you look after them. They aren’t cunning at all. If they want something, they will let you know they want it. For instance, they see you eating food, they will do their best to convince you to give them a bite! They also love playing, and chasing after small birds and cats is always a great pastime for them!

Some dogs also seem to have a taste for chasing after squirrels. For example, take this adorable Spring Spaniel, Rocco. Rocco has a thing for squirrels. He loves racing behind them. So you can imagine his frustration when he saw a squirrel from inside the car and couldn’t chase it outside. This sharp Spaniel wanted nothing more than to break loose after the critter, but sadly could not.

It must have been so frustrating for him to be so close to something he loves and yet being so far from it. Naturally, he was really frustrated. Who wouldn’t be if they were in his situation? But the funniest part was how he expressed his frustration. He started whining and shouting in the funniest way possible! It was so intense that his owner had to reach out for the camera to record it!

His owner likes to call this reaction Rocco’s “Squirrel Song”. Watch the short clip below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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