Soldier Walks Into a Mall With His Family, Then Realizes This Woman Was Filming Him the Whole Time

It goes without saying that soldiers are brave people. They have to face so much hardships and difficulties on the line of duty, but they still keep going strong. Being deployed to foreign nations into a dangerous warzone, away from family and friends and risking one’s life is not an easy thing. They can never really tell what might happen to them while on duty. They deserve all the love and respect from everyone.

It’s hard for them while on duty, so when they come home for a few weeks to spend time with loved ones, it’s important to help them make the most of it. They need to feel appreciated and respected, and even a small gesture can go a long way in supporting them and keeping them motivated. Soldiers aren’t to be respected only on Veteran Day or other special days—they should be respected every day!

This is exactly what the group of flash mob singers did in the following video. They decided to surprise a soldier with his family, so they belted out “America the Beautiful” for him at the mall on Father’s Day. They surrounded him and started singing the song. The soldier looked really shocked and happy as well. He didn’t really know how to react, but they really did a good job!

It’s wonderful to see so many people united together to respect soldiers. Perhaps this video will inspire other people to do the same.

Check out this amazing clip below:

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