This creepy snowman has a secret. Wait until you see these people unveil it!

I love a good prank. As long as the joke doesn’t hurt the person being pranked, the prankster or anyone else, it can be pretty fun. More significantly, when the prank is themed to what’s trending at the moment, it came to be very interesting.

The prank they play in the video is a festive one. We can see a large crafted snowman standing on a busy pavement. Taking a closer look, the snowman looks very creepy. However, it has a bigger and more evil secret inside.

scary snowman

As you might have guessed, there is a man inside the large snowman. Furthermore, he is on a mission to prank as many passerby’s as possible. Additionally, pedestrians are usually minding their own business. Which makes for more surprising and hilarious reactions. You have to see the scare they pull off to a father and daughter. It is genuinely shocking! Watch the whole video below:

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