9-Year-Old Boy Breaks Down in Tears During Speech at Sister’s Wedding – Heartwarming

Sometimes, in the trials of everyday life, we forget about how wonderful siblings are. This video shows us why we shouldn’t.

27-year-old Catie Hudson didn’t schedule a speech for her much younger half-brother, Gus Bower, at the reception after her wedding to Troy Hudson in Denver, Colorado. “It wasn’t something we were necessarily prepared for emotionally,” said Troy.

9-year-old Gus said he wasn’t planning it either, but once he got up to start, he said “I did it, I let it out, and I can’t pause it.” It appears Gus also wasn’t quite prepared emotionally because once he started, he was overcome with emotion for his big sister.

The couple’s wedding videographer posted footage of the sweet moment to TikTok, where it received a lot of good feedback and CBS News even ran the story below on national TV. “I love you, Catie, and I’m so happy you gave me a brother-in-law,” Gus said, reminding us all of the joy of having a family.

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