Single dad’s card repeatedly gets rejected – then woman behind him speaks up

Being a single dad is hard in itself. You have to be the mother and the father of the child. You gotta deal with society, your health, your children’s health, and on top of that, you need to be sane mentally to handle everything. If you think the problem stops there, think again! You need to provide financial support to keep the boat afloat.

This is the same problem Sara Fleming encountered at a shopping mall. At 10:00 in a grocery store, she watched a single dad with kids short for money. The grocery was billed a total of $94.10 which exceeded the dad’s budget.

Sara flemming

Watching this Sarra, pulled out her wallet and asked cashier to bill it from her card. When asked why she did it, her response was: “Because God told me so.” From the corner of her eye, she caught a glimspe of the father hugging his children crying his eyes out.

When she got back to her own car, Fleming was filled with emotion.She speaks:

“I prayed and praised the Lord for allowing me to help. I asked God to give me more opportunities to be obedient and show the world the utter grace he has shown me.”

But that’s not it. On February 23rd Fleming was in church with her family. As she was about to hear her pastor speak, something captured her attention. The single father and his children sat at the end of the pew. They waved her with a smile on their face.

While others might believe that God only works in mysterious ways, I believe he is open and observable in our daily lives if we have our eyes on him and our hearts and ears open.

What’s your say on this? Was it lord who pushed her or just a mere coincidence and kind heart? Share this story to your friends and family.