Cop Leaves High Schoolers With Lasting Impression When He ‘deals With’ Unruly Fan

You may have noticed cops walking around in schools and wonder why they’re there. They are the School Resource Officer, and they have a vital job! Moreover, they are responsible for the safety and prevention of crime inside the school premise. Students often like to keep a distance from these officers, but how can one resist if they have an SRO like officer Jack Tashner!

Officer Tashner has been working at Appleton East High School for the past two years. Moreover, he loves kids and takes care of them every day. So, he thought that it would be fun to play a little prank on them! Additionally, he loves attending all the games held in the school. And in the years he’s been around, one thing that he’s found fascinating is the cheer routine that the cheer team and spectators performed.

resource officer surprise

After gaining approval from the principal, officer Tashner hatched a plan. He even involves the teen who leads his favorite cheer routine called “Driving the Bus.” On the day of the game, the whole school is in the stands. That’s when the officer goes to deal with an unruly fan. However, everybody gets a shock when the man starts leading the fun cheer routine. Moreover, he’s a complete pro at it, and the students are in an uproar! Watch the wholesome video below:

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