The ocean is a wonderland of mysteries. Humans have made considerable strides in exploring most of the waters. However, the oceans make up 71% of the earth’s surface. So, there are still a lot of things that lurk underwater that we don’t know of! Although this sea-creature that divers saw isn’t a discovery, it is fascinating!

When you think of eels, you probably think of snake-like creatures that give off electricity. However, there are a lot of different types of eels. And the ribbon eel leads an exciting life! This species of marine life begins its life as a male. Moreover, they are born black with a yellow dorsal fin. The black turns into blue when they become mature males, as we see in the clip. But at the end of their lives, they turn completely yellow, transforming into a female!

ribbon eel gliding

These ribbon eels usually make themselves at home inside cozy holes. Moreover, they stick their head out of there and patiently wait for prey to get close. So, it’s unlikely to see these eels in open waters. But when divers from Abyss Dive Center in Bali went out to the shallow sea, they saw the colorful creatures in action. And it is just glorious! You won’t be able to keep your eyes off the screen as they glide through the water! Watch the mesmerizing video below:

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A beautiful adult male ribbon eel in open water, looking for a new home! How do we know it’s a male? Easy! Ribbon eels are a very singular marine species. All individuals start off their lives as males. They are born black with a yellow dorsal fin. The black turns to blue when they become mature males. And finally, towards the end of their lives, when they reach a size of about 1 meter long, they turn completely yellow and transform into females. At that point, they will only live long enough to lay their eggs, and then they die. Which is why they are called protandric, a type of life cycle they only share with clownfish. Also, seeing them in open water is pretty rare, as they prefer to live in a cosy hole, with their head sticking out, waiting for a pray to be foolish enough to get too close. __ Quelle belle murène ruban mâle en pleine eau ! Comment savons-nous qu’il s’agit d’un mâle ? Facile ! En effet, les murènes rubans appartiennent à une espèce qui fait figure d’exception dans le monde sous-marin. Elles naissent mâles, avec une livrée noire et une nageoire dorsale jaune. Lorsqu’elles atteignent l’âge adulte, le noir de leur corps devient bleu. Et enfin, vers la fin de leur vie, lorsqu’elle mesurent environ 1 mètre de long, elles deviennent totalement jaunes et se transforment en femelles. A partir de ce moment, elles se reproduisent, et meurent après avoir pondu leurs oeufs. C’est donc une espèce protandre, comme le poisson-clown. Également, les voir en pleine eau est un spectacle rare, étant donné qu’elles préfèrent vivre à l’abri dans leur trou, à attendre qu’une proie passe à leur portée. . Contact us at any time to go diving with us! 📧 [email protected] 🖥 ☎ ‪+62 812 3842 8046‬ . 🎥Coral Garden, Tulamben, Bali, Indonesia . #ribboneel #divingbali #balidiving #balidivingtrip #divebali #diveindonesia #indonesiadiving #800down #madurodive #marinebiology #tropicalfish #paditv #tulamben #instadiver #instascuba #scubagram #natgeoyourshot #uwvideo #gopro7black #scubapro #beuchat #animalvideo #naturevideo #beautifulfish #scubagrammer #oceanlife #marinewildlife #underthesea #tropicalfishofinstagram #girlsthatscuba

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