Animals are turning somewhat into humans — especially those who are domesticated. Even with their furry paws, the similarity of their behavior is uncanny. Them growing up with us might be a significant factor. Either it’s sleeping in bed, showing humanity to one another or even things like watching television and reacting with it, (we thought only humans could do) animals are right beside us.

You might be familiar with dogs’ hilarious reaction to their favorite tv shows. Today, let’s watch what a cat will do with the TV. This kitty cat is “entertaining” himself with this horror movie. You can see the puzzled cat, scared in the first half. He is trying to find out what’s happening in the screen, following his yes to the subjects moment.

His head moved with suspense. At one point, he even goes on a defense mode. But as soon as the scary part comes in, the cat flips out.

Watch the full video here:

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