Stray Tiny Russian Blue Kittens Invade This Backyard – Cutefest!

Imagine you’re looking out into your backyard and you see four gorgeous little blue kittens wandering around. You’d be running for your camera for sure!

These four tiny Russian blue stray kittens slip under the fence into this photographer’s back yard, mewing and obviously looking for something to eat. Besides grabbing her camera, the owner also grabs a syringe full of milk and heads out to check them out.

As I said in the headline, this video isn’t much except a cutefest. We don’t get much story from the photographer, but the other comments certainly give you an idea of what the readers are thinking: “It’s actually a huge mystery: HOW IS IT EVEN POSSIBLE TO BE THIS CUTE?” Another reader said, “When I heard their soft voices meowing it melted my heart ❤❤❤ So cute and lovable kittens 😻😻😻

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