Cute Ring Bearer’s Grand Entrance Cracks Up Wedding Guests

There is no denying that weddings are a romantic affair. Moreover, it is about the love and union between a bride and a groom! However, between all the fine china and beautiful flowers, they can be a bit boring sometimes. So, I don’t mind a few minor wedding mishaps here and there. It only adds to the fun! But this ring bearer’s grand entrance has everyone in fits!

The most adorable part of any wedding has to be the flower girls and the ring bearers. Kids just bring so much liveliness to the otherwise serious event. But this particular toddler takes the cake with his striking entry!


At first, a flower boy and girl go hand in hand from the aisle to where the bride and groom are. But the boy makes a short stop at the camera! Luckily, he continues to move after a gentle nudge from the cameraperson.

Right after, the tiny ring bearer makes an appearance. Although he’s a tiny tot, his presence is monumental. And he makes the whole room laugh, which only makes him roar! Furthermore, he stops in the middle to take off his hat and scurries to the front. Watch the video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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