He Caught a Fast Food Worker Do This to a Disabled Customer on Tape. This Will Move You to Tears!

In his five and half years of service at the restaurant Qdoba, employee Ridge Quarles has gotten to know one specific customer. Not much about her is known, except for the fact that she is confined to a wheelchair and that she loves Qdoba. She is also a regular customer at Qdoba.

When Ridge served her food one day and asked her if there was anything else he could help her with, she politely requested if he would help her eat. When you see Ridge oblige to her wish without even an ounce of opposition, you are going to be in tears. Dr. David Jones sat nearby when this incident occurred. Seeing Ridge’s selfless act of kindness, he couldn’t help but capture it on camera.


He is an amazing guy, right? No wonder this video is going so viral! Watch the story below! What are your thoughts about this? Let us in on the comments!

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