50+ Yrs Ago, Red Skelton Gave This Amazing Talk About the Pledge of Allegiance

America has been through a lot of different things since the last half-decade or so. We have seen many changes – some are good, some are bad. And as this video shows, there are some things that still remain the same even after all those years have gone by. If you went to a school in the US, you probably remember the Pledge of Allegiance. It was written by Francis Bellamy in 1892 and adopted by U.S. Congress in 1945. The words “under God” were added less than 10 years later under President Eisenhower.

Comedian Red Skelton used to have one of the most successful shows on TV during that time. In this video, we get to see a clip from The Red Skelton Hour, all the way back from 1969. The man talks about the Pledge of Allegiance and he speaks in such a way that he really touches your heart – even to this day. With the debate about taking out “under God” from the pledge, it gets you thinking about what Skelton says.

America is a melting pot of different cultures. People from all around the world come to the USA with hopes and dreams of a better life. It is a diverse nation, and similar to other diverse nations, it has faced tensions between various groups. These days, we definitely feel tensions between various groups that feel they are divided. So it is a really good idea to recall this monologue by Red Skelton, spoken almost 50 years ago!

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