Scared Woman Randomly Hugs a Strange Man and Whispers ‘help’ in His Ears

It is a known fact that the world is not a safe place for women. Here is one such incident from New York that will shock you. However, this story had a safe ending because of a helpful man called Dane Weeks.

Three strange men started stalking and chasing a woman who was walking home alone from the train station. They chased her to two blocks and this alarmed her. Thankfully, her eyes caught a man who was smiling at his phone and immediately ran to him.

The man was Dane Weeks. She hugged him and asked him to pretend as he knew her. He did as he was told. Dane then walked the woman to her home. Dane wrote in his tweets that he was in contact with the woman now and she is extremely grateful to him.

Though these kinds of inhuman things happen from time to time, people like Dane prove to be a blessing to humanity. Watch the full story below!

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