Grandma’s Audition Goes Wild When She Changes Her Outfit

There is no short supply of talent in the world. Moreover, there seems to be new prodigy popping up every day. Although I think it’s lovely that people finally recognize the skills and hard work of the youth, it’s essential to look beyond the factor of age. Moreover, we shouldn’t forget the people who have grown old and wise with their gifts. And this retiree is here to invigorate us with her showstopping act!

When you think about old age, you probably picture people relaxing all day. However, that is not at all the case! Like any individual, grandparents also have their hobbies and interests. And to prove that she can win Britain’s Got Talent with her routine, this granny came to audition. However, looks can be deceiving. You will drop your jaw when you see her act!

68-year-old Jenny Darren looks like she could be anybody’s grandma with her cardigan, long skirt, and hairdo. But she is unlike anyone you’ve seen. Before Jenny begins her performance, the retiree sheds all her clothes.

And the judges don’t know how to react! Soon enough, she reveals her rocker outfit, and the background music to AC/DC’s “Highway To hell” starts playing! Furthermore, Jenny turns up the heat on the stage as she gives a headbanging performance. Watch the video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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