63 Years Ago This Was Sillest Song . Do You Remember It Now?

Back in the time, songs were much different, don’t you think? Singer added a teensy bit more effort into their singing style and a whole lot of focus on the lyrics. People were singing about everything from love to mythical creatures.

All by unveiling the power of imagination and through keen observation. Take this novelty song, for instance, written by Sheb Wooley. The basis of the song comes from a joke told by Wooley’s friend’s child. Although MGM records initially rejected it. The company soon changed its decision after a demo reached the Newyork’s office. And the staff grew a liking to the song.


In 1958 The Purple People Eater stayed as the Billboard’s top song for five days. The ambiguity of music was still alive when it hit the radios in the late fifties. Hence many RJ requested their listeners to draw their idea of Purple eater. Sheb Wooley is also the creator of the Wilhelm scream sound effect. In his career, Wooley gave birth to many classic and novelty hits. His music mainly sang on the line of either the Country genre or Country and Western genre.

Please press and enjoy this refreshing walk down memory lane.

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