She Hammered a Cookie Cutter Into a Pumpkin and the Result is Perfect for Halloween

Jack-o-lanterns are a Halloween tradition but it can be difficult to make a good one, but here’s a woman who’s come up with a fantastic way to make great looking cutouts without much skill.

Carving a pumpkin can be a challenge–it’s not easy to draw a nice jack-o-lantern, much less accurately cut through the tough skin. And there’s plenty of minor (and even some major) accidents when that knife slips!

So this video shows a really clever hack: use cookie cutters to cut the skin of the pumpkin. Simply place the cutter on the surface and hit it with a mallet with just enough force to pierce the skin. There are lots of cool patterns available at craft stores and once you’re satisfied with the look, just put a candle inside and let it glow!

Check out this amazing video below and tell us in the comments what cutters you used and how yours turned out!

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