Man Had Made Pasta for Dinner. When He Came Back, He Found an Uninvited Guest

Jordan Cahill had just finished making pasta for dinner and had wandered for a few seconds around the off kitchen of his house at Brisbane, Australia. But when he came back, a somewhat uninvited guest was already helping himself with the dinner. He was a wild possum, seated comfortably on Cahill’s kitchen counter.

The possum was keenly interested more in the remnants of the pasta on the bowl in which Cahill mixed the fresh pasta. However, the possum seemed to be a strict follower of etiquettes, given that he was using proper utensils to steal the taste!

Jordan Cahill

Cahill said, “My initial reaction was, ‘Oh my God, he’s using a spoon!’ followed by quickly grabbing my camera for evidence.” “Thankfully we had already made the pasta, and he was just finishing off the scraps,” he added. While filming, he couldn’t stop laughing.

However, this wasn’t an unusual event for him. The possum had visited him several times before. He explained, “We’ve found him in the kitchen a few times taking fruit out of the bowl. He even came into the kitchen once during a dinner party!”

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