Poor Mom Short on Cash Steals From the Cash Counter Pay Attention to the Woman Behind

If you binge-watch social experiments, then you are well known to What would you do? Therefore, you are aware of the hypothetical situation they stage.

Sometimes, the crew changes the subject’s appearance in the same video. In the clip, poor mom steals money from the register of a mart. Customers encountering this help the lady to pay for the diapers.

Few others complain about the steal. After that, they change the outlook of the woman. She looks wealthy, yet steals the money. And on top of that, gets rude with the girl behind the counter. In this scenario, people are quick to speak against her. Likewise, some even call her out and ask to see the manager. I always think, what would I do? Don’t you put yourself in those stranger’s shoes? Don’t forget to share your responses with us.

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