Rescue Parrot Finally Gets Adopted – Now He Won’t Stop Talking

This parrot was neglected by his owner and found the only way he got any attention was by talking. Now he has new owners who treat him well but he still never shuts up!

Gizmo was adopted by a couple that had too many birds and was overwhelmed. He was kept in his cage so long his muscles became weak and atrophied. To the couple looked for someone to take some of the birds.

When new owners Kyle and Emily got Gizmo, they he was still used to being in the cage so wasn’t very active. But after a month, they say he started testing things out and they realized he was a “stand-up comedian combined with a grumpy grandpa.”

Gizmo and Emily fully bonded over the next few months and Gizmo went from talking for attention to participating in family conversations! When the family is eating, for example, Gizmo tells them he “wants some.”

This is a heartwarming story of animal rescue that you’re sure to like. Watch the full video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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