Cute parrots were having an intense discussion, but they end it with a huge kiss

Parrots are some of the sweetest birds ever. They are really friendly and get along with humans very well. They are also highly intelligent and equipped with an amazing ability to mimic speech and sound. This ability has fascinated humans for centuries and still fascinates us today.

This couple of parrots was filmed at the Birds of Eden in South Africa. One is an Indian Ringneck parakeet, while the other is an Alexandrine Parakeet. They were having a blast just talking to each other.

They seem to be talking in another language. But you can’t deny that they sound incredibly cute together! One seems to be asking the questions, while the other answers. This delighted the visitors, and they were even happier after these parrots kissed each other!

These little guys seriously have no idea how adorable they look together. Nature is so wonderful if you just spend a little time and pay attention to it! Check out this adorable pair below:

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