Lost Dog Was Having Trouble Recognizing Her Owner – Then She Smells Him

Pakita was wandering the streets alone when a stranger found her and dropped off at Argentina’s Arca Animal refuge. The poor pup was sad and depressed. And sadly, she was ignored by people who visited the shelter, because they opted to adopt younger dogs. Volunteer, Silvia Ferreyra, took Pakita under her care and looked after her for two years.

But none of them knew that Pakita already had a place she called home. And she was dearly missing it.


It was hard taking a good picture of her because she was always cowering and putting her head down. When workers finally managed to capture a good photo, they posted it online for potential adopters. They instantly got a message from a woman saying the dog belonged to her son and that they had been looking for her for a long time.

Ariel Naveira lost Pakita when she escaped from his home two years ago. The heartbroken man thought he would never see her again. But when he was told the news, he was excited at the thought that this could actually be her.


Ariel arrived the next day to meet the pup. When Pakita was brought out, she was understandably skeptical and a bit reserved. However, when she caught his familiar scent, her demeanor changed considerably.

The pooch couldn’t contain her joy. Ariel was dejected when he lost his dog, but this special moment made up for it.

Back home with dad, Pakita is her old self once again.

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