After Paying $400 Vet Bill, Owner Learns His Limping Dog Has Been Copying Him Out of Sympath

Recently one pup is going viral in the media due to his display of sympathy for his owner.

Bill, is a nine-year-old Lurcher who lives with Rusell Jones, a 53-year-old man, and his wife Michelle in Hertfordshire. The family has a cleaning business. When Jones broke his ankle, his leg was placed in a cast. Hence, he could only walk with crutches.

It’s not Jones’s condition the family is worried about. Their biggest concern was their dog, Bill. The pup suddenly began limping his leg. He had hurt his leg somehow, the couple then took their dog to the vet for a full examination.

Even after an X-ray of his legs and a few other examinations, the dog cleared Bill of any injuries. But he was still hoping with one leg. The peculiar behavior displayed by the pup got them thinking. Mr. Jones then came up with an experiment.

Jones advised his wife to take the to garden. Once Bill was alone with Michelle the limp was gone.

Then it became crystal clear, Bill was showing love for Jones as he broke his leg. There was absolutely nothing wrong with him physically. He was limping out of sympathy for his owner.  The post describing this event has received more than 2M views.

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