Little Girl Sings A Touching Song To Cat Before He Passes

Pets, take over the home and the hearts of owners who attend them. Especially the little ones, as they get to spend every second with these adorable creatures on Earth. Similar to Erin Merryn’s family who loved their orange tabby cat named “Bailey”

Merryn was still in college when she purchased the kitten. She had to sneak the feline into her dorm rooms.

Hence, the attachment shouldn’t come as a surprise. When Merryn brought home her first daughter Abby, she was unsure how the furry animal would react to a newborn. Soon her doubt was lifted.

Bailey acted as the protector of Abby much like a big brother. He loved her second daughter Hannah with the same passion. The toddlers loved the bailey. They would play games with him, sing songs and read stories. During this playtime, Bailey would sit ideally on his chair.

Unfortunately, the happy ride came to a brief stop. The 14-year old feline was experiencing kidney failure. The family knew his time was near.

Abby’s last video recorded with Bailey was emotional for many viewers. The toddler sings “You are my sunshine” as the cat snuggles in her lap. After 3 hours of recording the video, Bailey passed away (R.I.P Bailey)

Erin wrote a book in the cat’s honor. What a lovely story, don’t you think? Do share your pet’s stories in the feed.

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