Woman Saw This Dog Dragging A Bag Of Food, So She Follows Him To Find The Reason

Salvador Segovia agreed to watch over his five year old grandson’s German Shepherd mix while his family evacuated for the storm that was about to hit Sinton, Texas. Carter and his family could not take Otis with them. Segovia got the dog set up on his screened-in porch with lots of food and water before the storm rolled in. Sadly, during the night, Otis got loose.

When Segovia first noticed the pup’s absence, he called out for him. He got no response and weather conditions were too dangerous for him to go out. However, the next morning, he went searching for the pup. Otis was nowhere to be found.

Segovia feared the worst. He was heartbroken, but he mustered up all his courage to tell his grandson, Carter, that the dog he had once saved from an uncertain fate and gifted him, was now missing. But this story, thankfully, has a happy ending. Tiele Dockens, who lives a few miles away from Segovia, was out one morning checking in on the homes of friends and neighbors who had evacuated.

That’s when she saw something unusual, eventually capturing the incident on camera and sharing it to the world. A weathered pooch, who turned out to be Otis, was confidently walking along the sidewalk carrying a large bag of dog food.

Otis became an instant viral sensation. Dockens followed him and he led her straight to Segovia’s home. “It’s like he’s on a mission,” she recalls, “I just thought it was so cute.” Segovia was relieved beyond words. Dockens watched as Otis walked right up to the man, dropped the food, and laid down.

As it turns out, Otis is a huge food fanatic. According to Segovia, Otis “knows where to go to pick up a treat.” The six-year-old dog has a natural sad face that melts everyone he meets, convincing them to feed him. It helps that he knows his way around town quite easily. We are glad Otis is safe!

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