Oprah Winfrey Shares That She Doesn’t Have Many Friends, Only Close Ones During Interview

Oprah Gail Winfrey is a famous celebrity of all times. People know her regardless of how old they are.

Oprah has set an example in the world as the most popular media mogul. However, it is quite shocking that she does not have many friends. People always think that socialites with the most glamorous life tend to have a bigger circle. Oprah proves the stereotype wrong here. In an interview, she confesses that her close friends include Gayle, Maria Shriver, and Bob Greene.

Now it is almost unbelievable that she has only three close friends in her inner circle. But, all of them cherish her and love her as she is. Oprah has no regrets about such a thing and she loves and takes care of every single one of them. Maria Shriver even tells that Oprah has given her the motherly love and care that she never really got.

We must say, no matter where she gets, Oprah will always remain humble and loyal to her true friends. Watch the full video below!

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