These Foals Were Scheduled to Be Executed Right After Their Birth but Then Lord Showed His Miracle

A nurse mare foal is born just so that its mother gains the ability to produce milk. Its mother has then transferred nurse a “more valuable” colt, while the poor nurse mare foal awaits death row. Nurse mare foals are usually called a byproduct of the industry. Sadly not many people care about these poor animals. But the organization given below has been working towards stopping this.

“Last Chance Corral”, located in Athens, OH, rescues as many of these orphans as they can and then they place them into loving homes. This amazing organization was established by Victoria Goss so that these foals scheduled for execution could be rescued. They rescued more than 80 nurse mare foals within the first half of 2010 itself. The video below shows 19 of these foals playing in a big paddock for the first time.

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