Newborn in Viral Video Clenches Lovingly to Mom’s Face in Sweet Bonding Moment

Babies are always a blessing to the lives of mothers. The mothers are the happiest when they give birth to a precious piece of themselves.

Nothing in this world makes me happier than a child who is willing to give its mom all the love and care that she rightfully deserves. It is always more than amazing to find someone who values you even more special when the one that treats you that way is your own kid. This is by far one of the most special things I have ever seen in my life and nothing I have seen before equals this one.

The kid is simply just too cute and adorable. The mother Brenda did not know that her baby was so excited to meet her. As the hospital staffs give the baby to the mother as soon as it is born, the baby was given to Brenda as well.

This is when the baby hugged her mother’s face in the most heartwarming way possible. Watch the full video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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