These 20 Mother Hens Have Embraced Some Rather Strange Children

We have all read the story ugly duckling, but have you ever been acquainted with a similar situation in real life? Well, worry not, we have the most adorable oddball stories. Hens are known to be one generous parent. Moreover, they don’t hesitate to take any species under their wings.

Here are a few hens stories below that are taking in adorable strangers. And flourishing their parenting skills.

  1. Dogsitter
    This adorable pup seems to find the ultimate babysitter. Hence he appears to enjoy a peaceful sleep.
  2. Quack, Quack
    Hens and chicks, nothing strange, right? Well, take a closer look at the tiny yellow fluffies are duckling with their precious webbed feet.
  3. Hen hog
    This pig is enjoying a warm sleep right under his new friend. An excellent synergetic relationship.
  4. Henhouse
    These adorable cats have found their ultimate resting place. Right under the warmth of the hen’s wings, from mid-day naps to good night’s sleep. They are here to stay with their new parent.
  5. Megachicken
    The bird is known to provide close protection to their babies. The hen in the picture looks like a science project gone wrong. As she is carrying all her young ones under her wing caps. Therefore introducing a whole new disguise.
  6. Crows are here
    Hens are perfectly capable of raising birds from other species. Here is another example of another sneaker, jackdaw. Getting eady to eat, it seems.
  7. Neckwarmer
    The dogs seem to enjoy his DIY neckwarmer while he goes on a peaceful sleep.
  8. Basketful
    I don’t know what can get cuter than the basket filled with an adorable pup and a hen. Who is being guarded with lots of love.
  9. The majestic wings
    You may add a few clothes on to keep yourself warm. These birds have successfully sneaked under the warm cape. The mother is proudly keeping them safe.

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