Mother Sparks Debate After Explaining Grandparents Cannot Hug Her 2-Year-Old At Any Time They Want

Parents often teach their children to be kind and respectful. The children are made so polite, that they even forget or hesitate to say no in the worse situations.

However, this mom is very concerned about her daughter and her safety. This Australian mom became vocal when a Reddit story went viral. The story was about a 6-year-old girl who bit her grandmother when she was unwantedly hugged. Although one would go against their own child in such a situation, this Tiktok mom decided to defend the girl.

Brittany Baxter has a 2-year-old daughter and she teaches her to say no when she does not want to be hugged. The little girl has learned to say no when she is being touched without her liking. This does not only stop her from being harassed in the future, but also save herself from any forceful actions.

We must admit, Brittany is very thoughtful and wise to teach her daughter this life lesson! Watch the full video below!

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