Creepy Stranger Drags 12-Year-Old Back To Car When Boy Outsmarts Him Using Parents’ Lesson

Creepy people are almost everywhere. They try to intimidate children and sometimes even bribe and lure them.

However, if a child is smart enough to get away from the stranger, he will definitely save himself a lot of trouble. 12-year-old Dylan Duncan found himself in the same situation when a strange man approached him. The boy was very perplexed and doubtful about the intentions of the man. The man then offered him some candies.

When Dylan denied his offer, the creepy man groped the boy and tried abducting him. Thankfully, Duncan remembered a safety trick and used it upon the situation. He immediately took out keys and held them in his fist. After that, he hit the man and ran away to the park. Dylan safely reached home later.

Hopefully, his story will inspire many others to be careful and alert during these times.

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