Angry Mom Sprays Kids With Water Bottle, See How Grandma Takes Immediate Action

Parents have the duty of taking care of their children and raising them right. It is important to love them, but it is just as important to make them disciplined. Children can make many mistakes while growing up—it is just a natural process. They have to learn what they did wrong and how they can stop it. Parents can do this through both positive and negative reinforcement, or by rewarding them for good actions and punishing them for bad actions.

This video clip shows how people react to seeing children getting negative reinforcement. Using a spray bottle one cats and dogs for negative reinforcement is not uncommon, but these days some parents and teachers are also adopting this method to discipline children. So an actor posed as a mom at a supermarket, spraying her children for being a little naughty. The reactions that different people gave her were really varied indeed.

An elderly lady didn’t approve of this method, and told the mom that there were better ways of disciplining children. Meanwhile, another lady found it quite effective and nice. One of the passersby went on to even laugh at this unusual method. However, in the end, one lady felt very strongly about this method. She didn’t like it at all, and she even confronted the mom by telling her that she shouldn’t do it and that there are better ways.

What did you think about this particular method? Would you ever do this to your children?

Check out this footage below:

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