Mom Left Cringing When She Forgets it’s School Picture Day for 3-Yr-Old

Mothers don’t always have to be perfect, sometimes they just have to be funny. A mother on Tiktok made everyone laugh their heads off with a hilarious video.

This mom is Paige. Paige has a very good sense of humor and thought it would be funny for her daughter to wear a T-shirt that said “sasshole”. She figured the parents would understand it and none of the kids would, so it was a perfectly harmless joke.

Unfortunately, Paige didn’t realize that particular day was school photo day. It would have been bad enough just wearing the shirt for the photo, but when her daughter took her photo, one of her arms covered the “S” and made the print say a completely inappropriate word.

Paige talked about this in a funny TikTok video and people were loving it. She was so embarrassed she ultimately took down the TikTok but someone else had luckily recorded it on YouTube, so we can still get a good laugh.

Don’t worry Paige, your daughter is adorable and we’re laughing with you, not at you! Watch the short clip below and leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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