Woman Asks Raven to Say “Hello” – I Wasn’t Ready for the Bird’s Reaction

We’ve all seen parrots and cockatoos talk, but what about ravens? I didn’t know it, but they can talk too!

Some birds are famous for their ability to pick up various kinds of sounds, including machine noises and human speech, but I didn’t know that included ravens. But meet Mischief, a white-necked raven, who can talk pretty well!

White-necked ravens are found all over eastern and southern Africa, and are especially common near human settlements. Similar to other members of the Corvidae family, ravens are known to be highly intelligent. They use tools to get food if necessary, and can even mimic human speech! And because they are so social in nature, ravens are also some of the most playful birds in the world. Mischief is not an exception.

I thought this video was fake initially, but boy did it leave me surprised! Check out the amazing clip below and share with us in the comments section if you knew ravens could talk like this.

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