Dad Puts Baby’s Cold Hand Under Covers And Nanny Cam Catches Something Strange

Kids are full of surprises. You never know what to expect from them, especially during their first few years, and the early years of parenting can be truly difficult. Dad and mom have to suffer from lots of sleepless nights. They don’t really get the chance to go out anywhere and have to be cooped up inside their home itself.

However, the good moments definitely overshadow the bad ones. Just take, for example, this hilarious video! This dad was trying to tuck his little boy, Tyler, into bed when his camera managed to capture something truly hilarious.

As he was tucking the baby’s arm, his other arm moved up like a mechanical device – and then the cycle continued on. When this video first went viral, some viewers were worried it that might be a medical problem, but thankfully, it wasn’t that.

Tyler is now eight years old and he has grown up to be a fit and healthy young boy. Check out this funny clip below and don’t forget to share what you think in the Facebook comments!

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