German Shepherd Decides to Swim With the Dolphins, Regrets His Decision Instantly

When it comes to dealing with a hostile dog, you should never run away. Always stand your ground because even the slightest movement can trigger a chase instinct in the canines, urging them to hunt you down

Apparently, humans are not the only ones that need to be careful in such circumstances. As it turns out, it can apply to dolphins as well! In the following video, we see a very excited pup named Maverick sailing with his owners. However, a few seconds into the clip, he gets into huge trouble. The lively pup goes on a wild dolphin chase after he sees them swimming in the water. The German Shepherd watched them asthey emerged near the bow of the boat, but soon he wanted to join in. Maverick dove in and tried to pursue the elusive dolphins, but without any luck!

Dolphins are considered to be one of the smartest species of mammals on earth. They keep in pace with boats while jumping in and out of the water, and can often be spotted “escorting” ships. They are also known to help humans in need. Dolphins are one of the few species in the world that mate for pleasure.

The dog in this story was unaware of the consequences when he jumped in to greet the dolphins. But it looks like he regretted his decision the moment he hit the water. Maverick whines a little, expressing his wish to be back on the dry boat again. Fortunately, he was brought back onboard before it was too late. There was chum (fish guts) in the water, meaning Maverick might have found himself amidst sharks if he hadn’t been quickly rescued.

Check out this hilarious clip below!

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