Woman Almost Catches an Accident – This Stranger Went Above and Beyond for Her

Phone addiction can be very dangerous. In fact, it can even kill you. The same happened to this woman in downtown Cincinnati who was walking on the street without looking on the road.

She was looking at her phone with no care in the world. Thankfully, a kind stranger was passing through the same place and caught her sight. He was aware of the dangerous vehicle approaching her ways. The man immediately grabbed her and pulled her his way. This whole event was very perplexing and shocking to the woman. She could not even compute what was happening at first. However, the man told her about the car and went away. This event was caught on Dashcam footage of a car. The kindness of the man immediately went viral on the internet.

This video shows how a small act can make a big impact. Most of all, it surely gave the woman a lesson for life! Watch the full story below!

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