Mail Carrier Notices Man Hasn’t Collected His Mail – What He Did Next, Saved His life

A mail carrier from Alabama ended up becoming a hero when he found something out. This is quite impressive.

Something like this is likely to happen when you are aware of your surrounding. This mail carrier refused to call herself a hero for what he did. Cissy Cartwright has been delivering mail in Hope Hull for more than 20 years. She has also been delivering mails for Tommy Hope, 66. Hope’s front door was left open his truck was in the front yard with the hood up.

woman saves old man


Cissy knew something was wrong. Cissy found him on the floor, dehydrated and injured, and learned that he’d been there for 10 days and immediately called 911. “I was in shock but I was just so relieved that when I did yell for him, he answered me. I’m just glad I found him when I did,” Cartwright told WCN.

We are thankful she got there on time and saved the man’s life. Watch the full video below!

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