Two Men Barge in the Street With Loud Music but Pay Attention to the Crowd That Follows

Did you know the term flash mob was a reference from the word flash rob? However, these two words represent entirely different ideas.

Imagine sitting in a park, and suddenly a group of people assembles to put on a show. It could be the person right next to you dressed as a civilian. In the clip below, several individuals gather to execute an iconic flash mob. The event takes place in Sydney Harbor on a bright sunny day.

Initially, ” Uptown Funk” by Bruno Mars starts playing. Within seconds, two boys amaze the crowd with b-boying skills. After that, a choreographed dance to the song becomes the main show. The fun and engaging style captivates everyone’s attention. From the precise and sharp dance moves to capturing the act. Everything was a spectacular job, don’t you agree? Let us know your perception in the comment section below.

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