Act of Kindness: Landlord Does the Sweetest Thing to His Tenants, Affected by Coronavirus

There is no way anyone could predict the dangerous impact of the novel CoronaVirus in 2020. One of the reasons for the number of fatalities is how sudden the virus spread all over the world! Moreover, most people didn’t have the chance to plan for the COVID- lockdowns. So, it has been difficult for workers who have temporarily lost their jobs.

New York is one of the most hard-hit states in the USA from the pandemic. Moreover, it is in lockdown to limit the spread of the virus. Because of this, many people have no source of income, not even to pay their rents! However, a kind landlord in Brooklyn is waiving the lease of 200 people for the entire month of April. All in the hopes that people stay safe and healthy!

brooklyn landlord rent

Not being able to pay rent can be very stressful. So, Mario Salerno wrote a notice to tenants in his 80 apartments and stuck it to their doors. The note says not to worry about paying rent for April! Furthermore, he tells everyone to worry about their neighbors and family in these trying times instead. New Yorkers have no legal obligation to waive rent, so this is truly a selfless act from Salerno. Hopefully, this catches up! Watch the video of the generous man below:

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